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Rat Pit

Hailing from St. Paul, MN and formed in the back of a '98 Saturn SL4, Rat Pit combines rock 'n roll with the energy of a 19th century underground cellar party. The standard four man lineup - two guitars, bass and drums - was formed in July 2012 and has since graced the stages at First Avenue's 7th Street Entry, The Turf Club and The Fine Line. The group features three vocalists and emphasizes vocal harmonies, catchy melodies and danceable grooves.

Rat Pit proves that it is hardly held down by any singular genre. Perhaps more prominently featuring a dance-inducing, feel-good-real-good jam band feel, the boys have no hesitation when it comes to sliding into a snaky Alice In Chains doom groove, a Black Crowes junk blues throw down, or even a Grateful Dead acid-voyage. ... In short, Rat Pit will make you feel the polar opposite of crappy, so if the weather, the flu, or the broken New Year's Resolution has got you down, flip on any of these dude's songs at random and prepare to feel better than Hulk Hogan at a high school wrestling meet. - Seth Hynes-Marquette, KFAI FM 90.3 Minneapolis

Sam Arneson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Ian Carson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Jon Manning - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Tyler Hudson- Drums, Percussion


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